Muse's Muse Radio Show

Kevin King - a.k.a. "BlindDog" - runs Blind Dog Audio, a Christian recording studio in Longmont, Colorado. A passionate guitarist and occasional songwriter with a practical, no-nonsense approach to the music industry, Kevin's true love is in achieving the impossible, shattering perceptions, and helping artists find their voice and personal success by matching aspiration to inspiration.

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Banana Peel Radio

Check out my recent radio interview with host Jeffrey Rubin from BananaPeel Radio.
 Banana Peel Radio Station coming to you from Vancouver Canada whose goal is to promote the Indie Market of mucisians worldwide and allow the true music to shine and flow through our hearts with the message that music brings the message we all believe to be the reason we have music, creativity. We hope to soon have a spot on Sirius Radio in the future.
Show  September 14, 2009
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DJ Yorkie -

Internet Radio Interview with DJ York - broadcasting from the coast of Northern Ireland discussing "Get Out Of My Life" and "Shake Up The World" - UK

Exerpt from my recent radio interview hosted by DJ Yorkie - discussing "It's A Wonderful Day". DJ Yorkie is broadcasting from the coast of Northern Ireland.

Radio Excerpt

DJ Yorkie - aiiradio excerpt