Broken Filters
  • Broken Filters
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BROKEN FILTERS. That's the name of this album because it says it all in a nut shell. I am the unofficial president of the American Smartass Society and it shows with this new collection of songs. Songs like: Fat looks better tan, When a white man sings the blues, You can't turn a gay girl straight, It can't be Christmas time already, I'm stoned and a host of other songs that will entertain you and leave you feeling good. I had fun writing and recording this album and I know you'll love it. Even though there's a lot of humor this album has some of my best writing yet on love, timely issues and just good stories. This is an album that will make for a fun live tour. Hope to see you on the road. Music & Lyrics - Sal Belloise Producer - Sal Belloise Lead Guitar/Vocals - Sal Belloise Bass - Tim Bowman Keyboard - David Hardy Drums/Percussion - Marc Dupuy

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