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Hello everyone. Welcome to my .com page. Have you seen any of the live Facebook broadcasts my 4 piece band has recorded??? Check them out on Facebook by searching " Sal Belloise". The band is practicing their improv skills on 40 or so original songs. It''s cool playing with such seasoned musicians. The more we jam tighter we become. I think you'll like what's happening with the songs. Our video techs (Patty, Sheila, Brandy, Sheri and Andrea) have moved us from a simple iPhone camera shoot to a 4 iPhone camera production. It's really slick. The band is working on 10 new (never heard before) songs for an album. I love them and I hope you all will too. We are broadcasting once a week on facebook, usually Saturday night at 7:30 pm EST USA. Tune in and give us your no BS input and opinion. Be sure to tell us where you are watching from. We love hearing from people around the world. What a trip!,!! Stay safe   Sal Belloise

If you would like a professionally recorded CD in a beautifully printed ECO friendly jacket you can purchase it for only $9.99 by clicking the "BUY NOW" tab on this site.



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